There’s still hope for Dead Space

EA has not cancelled the series and there could be a sequel next year

Dead Space, one of my favorite and best horror videogames of all time has been “dead” for quite a while. Dead Space 3, the last chapter of the popular saga was released in 2013 and since then, there have been lots of rumors about the franchise being cancelled.


However, a recent article announcing the final cancellation, forced EA’s COO, Peter Moore to speak out and defend the company in the comments. Looks like EA is not planning to kill the franchise, but it doesn’t have a release date either.

Apparently EA has a lot on their plate already, and other priorities to focus before working on a new Dead Space. This may not be the good news the fans of Isaac Clarke’s adventures are waiting for, but it sheds some light inside USG Ishimura…

If you like shooting, spaceships and running for your life, you need to play this game.